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What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a healing art originating from the East. The body has a network of energy, referred to as meridians. These pathways flow all over the body and can be likened to a system of rivers and canals. In order to maintain good health it is vital that these pathways or energy systems are free flowing. Sometimes things may occur which cause blockages resulting in stagnant pools of energy which can lead to physical ill health, emotional or psycholgical disturbances or maybe just a general feeling of being under the weather.

What does a treatment involve?

The Shiatsu practitioner uses a variety of techniques to help encourage the free flow of vital energy throughout the body and help unblock any areas of congested energy. Fingers, thumbs, palms etc. are the tools used in this healing art and the practitioner uses pressure to induce relaxation and enhance well being. Gentle stretching is often used to help release tight muscles and kneading of tense areas encourages this release.

Will it help me relax?

It is very relaxing to receive a shiatsu massage, but also invigorating as the energy or 'chi' flows freely, releasing areas of tension and revitalising areas short of vital 'chi'. The practitioner is able to identify areas of congested energy and encourage enhanced flow with various techniques.

Shiatsu is performed like a moving meditation and is a joy to receive and give. The receiver remains fully clothed and relaxes on a treatment couch. It is a wonderful way in which to relieve the stresses of a busy life and at the same time help support your own health and wellbeing.

Will Shiatsu Massage help my recoverery?

In complementary medicene it is generally accepted that illness and disease begins within the energy of a person. Receiving regular Shiatsu is a way to help prevent illhealth by addressing these disturbances of energy and correcting the flow before it has a chance to cause problems in the physical body. As well as relating to the functioning of the internal organs it also works on the mental and emotional levels and helps to maintain balance in these areas. Being a holistic treatment it recognises that balance is needed here as well as in the physical body to promote wholeness, health and enjoyable living.

Many conditions of ill health may derive benefit from a shiatsu treatment and these include headaches, migraine, acute and chronic back pain, muscle stiffness, arthritis, digestive problems, respiratory disorders, circulatory complaints, reproductive problems and many more. Because it works deeply on the energetic levels it can also be helpful for depression, anxiety and emotional problems. Anyone is able to receive shiatsu, young, elderly, frail or completely healthy. Shiatsu is beneficial for everyone and regular treatments can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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