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Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs. Your first session will involve an in depth review of your health. A treatment will take around 45 minutes (longer sessions available).


Shiatsu Massage


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A few of the disorders that may be helped:

 Treatment Course Discount

By booking a course of 6 treatments patients often experience a benefit from regular sessions at one week intervals*. The advantage is both physical and psychological as it allows greater focus on addressing serious issues with lifestyle and stress related adverse habits.  

6 sessions from £175.00

Why Book A Course? :  Often patients start a therapy with the expectation of seeing instant results after one treatment. Sometimes this can occur but other times conditions are so deeply rooted that a course of treatments is needed to help begin the process of healing and reaching an equilibrium in the body and mind. Patients find that a course booked in advance helps them motivate and commit to their goal, whether its relaxation or a complete change of lifestyle.

*Do I need to commit to six consecutive weeks? It is recommended that treatments are initially weekly and regular however other commitments may prevent you from attending regular sessions so a flexible appointment can be offered.  However the course must be taken within a 6 month period.

Do I need to take a course with only one therapy? : At your initial session a consultation is undertaken to ensure that the best approach is taken and this can involve more than one therapy. No one patient is the same and therefore there is no limitation on the therapies used.

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